International Pension Plans

Discover a Premium Jurisdiction

Creating a secure future

The Isle of Man is a premium jurisdiction for establishing and managing international pensions and savings arrangements.

Whether you are an organisation structuring a benefit plan for your employees or an individual saver, you will find an impressive array of professional pension administrators boasting a deep talent pool to service all your pension and savings needs.

This, combined with a long-established, gold-standard legal and regulatory infrastructure delivers the optimum long-term savings proposition for expatriates and the internationally mobile.

A History of Excellence

The Isle of Man’s dedicated pensions regulations, coupled with complementary tax legislation, has been in place for more than 20 years.

A Wide Range of Schemes

The Isle of Man is home to well over 1,200 retirement benefit schemes of which more than 180 are international pension plans.

A Wealth of Experience

We have 45 regulated retirement benefit schemes administrators, of which 19 are independent professional schemes administrators.

A Strong Reputation

Isle of Man pension arrangements boast assets in excess of £13 billion.

A World Leader

The WTW International Pension Plan Survey 2023 shows that the Isle of Man established 65% of new trust-based schemes established in the last 5 years, the top ranking by some distance.

What's the Plan?

Our professional pension companies have accumulated many decades of experience in delivering a range of pension solutions for international clients, both off-the-shelf and bespoke.

Mostly, these fall into one of the following categories:

Group Pension Plans: For employees of companies, affiliation groups and NGOs. The timing and delivery of benefits and contributions, management of investments and currencies, tailored according to your own blueprint.

Personal Pension Plans: For individuals who prefer, or need, to make their own pension arrangements, a wide range of product propositions exist on the Isle of Man, with high levels of flexibility and security built in.

Gratuity & Reward Plans: Our regulatory and tax system allows for long-term reward and incentive planning to be incorporated into a pension structure. Including end of service gratuities and bespoke executive reward schemes.

Providing Expertise for the Road Ahead

Pension administration is a significant responsibility, requiring expertise, talent and support. The Isle of Man’s pensions sector is a highly-developed ecosystem which meets these demands and provides the utmost confidence for pension members and employers alike.

The Isle of Man Association of Pension Scheme Providers (APSP) is the trade association representing the interests of all stakeholders – practitioners, clients, government and regulator.

Why the Isle of Man for Pensions?

The Isle of Man is a proven leader amongst jurisdictions for international pensions and savings. We uniquely combine the traditional values of governance, security and stability with a passion to innovate and develop the international pensions and savings landscape.

  • Pension schemes and their providers are separately regulated and every scheme must be independently audited annually. All schemes are governed by tax legislation. This framework is second-to-none.
  • Trustees are subject to long-established Isle of Man trust law and asset protection is embedded in the legal system too. Security is core to our international pension proposition.
  • Our pension providers operate on a truly global scale and many of our schemes service multi-thousand, cross-border memberships. Ours is a sophisticated international pension offering.
  • Our pensions industry operates in a flexible, collaborative and supportive environment across the public and private sector, always seeking out ways to innovate and to facilitate positive change.