Q&A with Finance Isle of Man Chair, Sue Preskey

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Want to know what it’s like being part of the Finance Isle of Man Non-Executive Board? We caught up with Finance Isle of Man's recently appointed chair, Sue Preskey to ask about her experiences and ambitions for the board going forward.

Why join the Board for Finance Isle of Man?

Finance Isle of Man is a public/private partnership focusing on the Island’s largest economic sectors, Financial and Professional Services. The Board comprises leading industry representatives combined with senior Government officers and sets the strategic direction for the Agency. All Board members are passionate about the future of the finance sectors on the Island and it’s a great opportunity to work collaboratively and to apply expertise across the sector.

How much time goes into being a Board Member?

The Board usually gets together once a quarter for a formal meeting and we have less formal strategic workshops in between. We have ad hoc meetings as required.

What are the current areas of focus for Finance Isle of Man?

The Agency’s main focus is to promote and develop the Isle of Man as an International Centre of Excellence. Looking specifically at promotion; we work jointly with industry bodies on a number of digital campaigns. You might have already seen the award winning Isle of Man for Life campaign supporting the Life Insurance sector or the International Pensions marketing campaign. We recently worked closely with IOMCA on Captive Insurance campaign to build international awareness of the Isle of Man’s captive insurance ecosystem and increased recognition  of our expertise in this space.  

What are some of the priorities for Finance Isle of Man?

As the world is focussing on economic recovery, I think the finance centres like the Isle of Man play huge role in the post pandemic space. We want to be seen as a natural choice for across all finance areas, but especially family office, funds and wealth management, banking and professional services. We are currently working on a jurisdictional campaign targeting the UK and South Africa promoting the Isle of Man as an International Finance Centre of Excellence. This overarching campaign will support all our other activities in promoting the Isle of Man.

We are also looking to the future and working with industry partners to develop two interesting new propositions. Firstly, an Employee Benefits product to take advantage of our existing strength in this field. In addition, we are working to develop an InsurTech ecosystem, building on the foundations of our renowned insurance industry.

What are you looking for in Board Members?

Strategic vision, positive mindset and expertise. If you think you have these skills please email your CV along with a covering letter explaining your motivation for applying to Michael.crowe@gov.im

It’s been 6 months since you have started your role. How has it been so far?

Interesting! My first Board meeting was during the lockdown and although I have chaired boards before it was unusual to chair remotely. I was very impressed with the range of work that the Finance Isle of Man is delivering and the results we are achieving.

What excites you most in being a Finance Isle of Man board member?

For me it is a way to give back. Being a member of the Board is an excellent opportunity to positively affect change and support the sector I am passionate about. It is my chance to provide my knowledge and expertise to the Government to really make a difference in decision making. All the initiatives resonate with my professional career and I feel that my voice is heard and I play an important role in the future development of the sector.

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