Mission to promote island's financial 'brand'

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Representatives from a range of Isle of Man based businesses will be heading to Geneva on the 13th June to promote the Isle of Man as an International Finance Centre of Excellence.

The team will be presenting to a room of around 150 international finance professionals explaining why, when structuring clients affairs, the Isle of Man must be considered as an option alongside other well trodden jurisdictions.

The Isle of Man is a stable, strong and secure environment coupled with a pride in the high levels of service it provides through its well established and reputable financial services businesses.

Michael Crowe, Finance Isle of Man CEO, said:

‘2019 will be a busy year for the Finance Agency promoting the Isle of Man as an International Finance Centre of innovation and excellence. The latter encompassing a busy event schedule supporting our financial services sector. The event in Geneva is part of our desire to grow our brand and jurisdictional awareness.'

John Bateson, Doehle Corporate and Trust Services Director, added:

'This is an ideal opportunity for the Isle of Man to demonstrate the strengths it has and the work it has undertaken as a whole to ensure it is among the top most reputable jurisdictions in the world.  The landscape affecting HNWI, families and multi-national corporates has changed dramatically over recent years.  Combined with the increased global competition of jurisdictions competing to be “the place” to do business, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase the Isle of Man as a jurisdiction that can and is competing on the global stage.'

John Hunter, Finance Isle of Man, Head of Banking and Fiduciaries, commented: 

'As a highly and well regulated jurisdiction has a leading AML/CFT framework, the Isle of Man should feature in all discussions advisers are having when looking to structure or restructure their clients’ affairs.  Too often the benefits of using our jurisdictions are inadvertently overlooked when the Island has so many strengths both in its propositions and its ability to deliver creative and meaningful solutions in meeting the clients’ needs.'


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