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The Isle of Man international pension plan (IPP) proposition for individuals is a highly flexible option for those seeking to top-up existing local pension pots or build up a pension from scratch where no viable local option exists.  Take a look at the case study below to see how the Isle of Man solution can work:

Client Profile

  • Owner-director of a successful import/export business based in south Africa, mid-thirties with two young children
  • Has been accumulating a retirement annuity fund (South African tax-approved pension) up to the maximum tax-deductible limit for around 5 years
  • Has little time for leisure and lives comfortably rather than extravagantly which results in high levels of disposable income
  • Current plan to start reducing time in the business by early fifties with a full exit by early sixties
  • May even consider retiring overseas when children have completed their education
  • Concerned that current provision does not meet retirement objectives and feels a top is required

Why the adviser chose the Isle of Man

  • Quality of regulation and governance framework
  • Strong asset protection laws
  • Tax neutral
  • Highly reputable and sophisticated financial services jurisdiction on OECD white list

Benefits of an Isle of Man IPP

  • Flexible contribution options to match variable disposable income
  • Works efficiently within tax rules for South African residents
  • Portability of pension if choosing to expatriate
  • Flexible benefit payment options to suit retirement plans, paid gross
  • Cost competitive
  • Expertise of trustee and administration service provider
  • Access to best of breed international investment opportunities, thus reducing over-exposure to South African investments

Of course, this is just one scenario amongst a multitude.  Isle of Man IPPs have provided financial security for thousands of pension members over many decades across all types of financial planning needs.


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