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The Isle of Man international pension plan (IPP) proposition for corporates is all about high quality solutions.  Take a look at the real life case study below to see how our professional administrators can rise to the challenge:

Client Profile

  • Global financial services business
  • 1,300 employees – underfunded (or zero funded) retirement provision
  • Wide employee spread results in low headcounts in countries with no, or unsophisticated, pension options
  • Many employees based in countries with unsecure/risky investment options

Why was the Isle of Man chosen?

  • Longest running specific legislation for IPPs (Retirement Benefits Schemes Act 2000 ) amongst international financial centres
  • Quality of regulation and governance framework
  • Financial services reputation of the Isle of Man
  • FATCA & CRS reporting exemptions for qualifying IPPs
  • Tax neutral and listed on OECD white list
  • Expertise of trustee and administration service provider
  • Access to best of breed international investments in all major currencies
  • Cost competitive

Why an Isle of Man pension trust?

  • Portability of pension when employees move to other countries
  • Segregation of member assets from those of sponsoring employer
  • Ease of Automatic Exchange of Information (AEIO) reporting and compliance
  • Investment and Administration oversight burden lifted from sponsoring employer
  • Breadth of country coverage is vastly increased over non trust based

The corporate international market is a diverse market with complex needs and the above is just one example.  Isle of Man IPPs have been providing the optimum solution for thousands of employees of organisations operating internationally over many years. 

The Isle of Man international pensions industry has been leading the way for many years and the facts demonstrate a strong, resilient sector with a powerful market presence. Find out more about the Isle of Man's International Pension Plans


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