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Finance Isle of Man is currently working with professions from the private sector to bring clarity and unity to the Island’s Family/Private Office offering with a view to create collateral and literature which showcases the Isle of Man as the premier choice for Family/Private Office services.

John Hunter, Head of Banking and Fiduciary, Finance Isle of Man recently chaired a working group made up of experienced industry professionals and the Finance Isle of Man team. The session was focussed around defining the Island’s proposition and highlighting not only the key benefits in this area but also the Isle of Man as a jurisdiction. The main aim of the session was to pull together information to initially create a single document/brochure which can be used by both private and public sectors as a promotional tool which can be taken internationally to promote the Isle of Man as a great place to house a Family/Private Office and a stable, secure and strong international finance centre.

John Hunter:

‘This session was well received and highlighted the benefits of Finance Isle of Man working closely with the private sector in developing our products and looking forward as we seek to build new markets for our financial services sector. The detailed feedback received at the workshop will now be pulled together to show what the Island’s offering looks like and why the Isle of Man is the ideal place for globally mobile High Net Worth’s to centre and structure their global financial affairs. This project will not only support the Island’s financial services sector in promoting the Isle of Man as the place to do business but will support our business development activities in Monaco, South Africa, Dubai and Hong Kong.

‘It is essential that we partner with industry on projects of this nature, to create a cohesive message that can be taken internationally. We are very proud of the relationship we have with industry and this is just one example of collaboration for the greater good of the financial services sector on the Isle of Man.’



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