Cyber Security – Response and Resilience to Attacks

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29 November 2018

Barclays Eagle Lab, Victoria Street, Douglas

8 – 9.30am or 12 – 1.30pm

In conjunction with AML Consulting (Global) Limited and Expol Limited, Finance Isle of Man will be implementing two presentations on Cyber Security – Response and Resilience to Attacks, to raise awareness within industry to these increasingly critical and ever evolving issues and help equip organisations with the knowledge required to respond effectively.

Presentation by Gary Kibbey, AML Consulting (Global) Limited.

Gary specialises in Combating Organised Crime (including online), Criminal Threat Assessment and Combating Cyber Crime.

Gary will share his vast knowledge on how companies may implement Cyber Security and GDPR policies and how they can test their response and resilience to various threats that involve the acquisition and misuse of data, while focusing on recent types of cyber threats to both public and private sectors.

The event will focus on 4 of the most prevalent types of data breach which are:

  • Conventional data breach through employee misuse or a hacked database
  • Denial of Service attacks followed by ransom demands
  • Ransomware attacks and demands
  • Sextortion demands against individuals where access may have been made on corporate IT or where the demand is made through a corporate IT infrastructure

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