Career opportunities within the financial services sectors.

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Making the most of career opportunities within the financial services sectors in the Isle of Man - With the right Recruitment agency, you can!

Recruitment agencies are a great place to begin your search. By using a well-established Isle of Man agency you will gain access to many more vacancies than you will anywhere else online or on Island.

The Isle of Man has more opportunities than you may think. You only have to take a look at our database of job opportunities (not all are on our website) to be truly surprised at the variety of roles available on the Island. 

There are around 12,000 jobs in financial services in the Isle of Man and opportunities exist in information technology, accountancy, banking, payments, life assurance, trust and company, investments, customer service, human resources, compliance, marketing, pensions, fund management, tax and more.

Various grants and incentives are helping to attract new business start-ups to the Island and there are also many new emerging employment opportunities arising within the finance sector including fintech and online banks that look for many different skillsets such as data analysts, data scientists, computer science graduates and those that have a gravitas towards a technological way of working.

Besides recruitment, you could also get advice on working visas, work permits, relocation, pre-employment screening, redundancy support, CV writing, salary benchmarking, market intelligence and much more. If we can’t help, we will direct you to someone that can. 

Finance/professional services company looking to recruit?

With low candidate availability and a lack of the required skillsets on the Island, why should Financial and Professional services companies look at using a Recruitment Agency to help?

The answer is straight forward in many respects; we are searching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days of the year. We are always looking for suitable candidates, we don’t stop looking and we search far and wide. Best of all, unless you hire someone from us, it doesn’t cost you a penny.

A good Recruiter takes the time to understand the business it is recruiting for, and indeed the candidates it represents. This means that when a role does arise, they can identify the right candidate, not based purely on skillset, but culture, personality, qualifications and team fit for the company’s culture.

Unemployment on the Island is at its lowest in 16 years which can make Recruitment for companies more challenging. However, it is not uncommon for a Recruiter to take on a role that a client has been struggling to fill, and within 24 hours can have a number of relevant CVs in their inbox to look at.

A well-established Recruitment agency has a network of thousands of candidates both local and non-local that are actively seeking alternative employment. They are also skilled at identifying talent and perhaps skillsets that you wouldn’t have considered. Interviewing and spending the time with candidates allows them to recognise a fit.

When you contact a long standing agency you get many years’ worth of contacts and networks. To send a shortlist of skilled and capable candidates doesn’t happen overnight.

So next time you are thinking for a career move, or looking to recruit remember you can get off to the best possible start by speaking to a local recruitment agency. Get in touch, they are here to help.

Mark Burman, Director, Search and Select

‘Recruitment agencies play a key role in the promotion of career opportunities within the Island’s financial and professional services sectors. Filling skilled roles is the single biggest issue we hear from industry, filling these roles and planning for the future will be key to boosting our economy.’ – Michael Crowe, Chief Executive, Finance Isle of Man.


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