Barclays IOM support home working and home schooling

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Barclays Isle of Man are supporting customers and clients impacted by Coronavirus with their LifeSkills and Digital Eagles Programmes. The initiatives look to support home working, home schooling, while improving digital skills.

Supporting home working

o   LifeSkills created with Barclays provides free online tools and activities to support people on how to stay motivated when adapting to new working environments.

Supporting home schooling

o   LifeSkills has a full range of flexible, online lesson plans for parents to use with their children. These can easily be downloaded and adapted for virtual teaching and support home learning.

o   LifeSkills has online courses to help parents teach their children skills to maintain their confidence and wellbeing, and to continue to plan for their future careers.

o   Digital Eagles provide Code Playground sessions live on YouTube, every weekday at 10:00.

  • The online resources are aligned to the National Curriculum for KS2 and cover the introductory components of computer programming.
  • There will be content coming soon to help 7-11 years Stay Safe Online.

Building digital skills

Digital Eagles provide Tea and Teach sessions on YouTube, every weekday at 14:00.

  • Ideal for those just starting on their digital journey, or those who are particularly vulnerable isolating at home. Key topics include how to connect with family and friends online, and alternative ways to bank.

Elissa Morris, ecosystem manager of the Barclays Eagle Lab in the Isle of Man commented:

“With the recent changes that mean many more of us are home schooling and homeworking, we want to ensure that everyone can still benefit from the huge amount of free resources and tools available via LifeSkills.  We think it’s vital to provide support and skills to people at a time when it is needed more than ever.”

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