30 Voices on 2030: What does the Isle of Man future hold?

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KPMG in the Isle of Man has captured 30 predictions for 2030, gathering the thoughts of key thinkers and local voices of change. KPMG’s 30 Voices on 2030: What does the future hold convenes different perspectives from across the island on what the future will look like in 2030 – and what local businesses need to anticipate, today.

The firm approached 30 local ‘voices’ to include CEOs and business leaders of Isle of Man businesses, spanning the private and public sector. The premise for each voice is the same, being asked to imagine they are in 2030, speaking with a CEO who is in 2020, sharing their thoughts about the changes and giving them advice on how to prepare for what’s to come. No one has a crystal ball on what it will be like – but all the voices have considered trends and things happening now, that will provide a foundation for how things will be in 10 years.

Simon Nicholas, Clients and Markets Partner at KPMG Isle of Man, commented, “The rate of development over the past decade has been staggering and makes predictions for 2030 even more difficult. KPMG can offer their own view but there are many others and that’s why this initiative was so interesting. To capture the thoughts of local leaders in one place has been enlightening”.

The initiative has created 30 short written interviews from the chosen commentators and is intended to offer local business leaders an opportunity to consider the island’s future and challenge the status quo, resulting in some surprising predictions thrown into the mix.

Russell Kelly, Managing Partner at KPMG Isle of Man, commented, “We’ve greatly enjoyed working with the local commentators and their respective businesses and value their thought-provoking, and sometimes entertaining, input. The 30 statements have undoubtedly demonstrated the forward-thinking nature of the Manx business community and, if nothing else, will leave readers with a sense of comfort knowing that the island’s future is in the safe hands of the local business leadership”.

The campaign will run during January and February on the KPMG Isle of Man social media channels and can also be accessed via kpmg.co.im/30voices


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